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Trading online for beginners is always fascinating. Trading online, indeed revolutionarily changed the world of business. In this article, we are discussing all the necessary information regarding trading online for beginners. This article obviously will help the novice who is interested in trading online. Anyone for any country will be beneficial with this article, whether you are from South Africa or any other country.

Trading online for dummies is also a trending topic that all trading online beginners look for. The involvement of Trading online South Africa is also increasing. Without wasting your time, let’s start our article to target to inform all trading online beginners from every part of the world, from South Africa to the USA and the middle east to Asia.

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Forex, Margin & CFD are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money due to leverage.

What is Online Trading?

So trading online beginners, online trading is directly buying and selling financial securities via an online trading platform. The online trading platforms offer software made available to traders, usually for free. This software, you can also use for trading online for dummies.

They are accessible to anyone wishing to invest in the stock market and trade financial instruments on the markets. The online trading activity, therefore, consists in speculating on the financial markets, in trying to take advantage of the variations in asset prices to earn money between the time of purchase and resale, or vice versa, because it is possible to sell a product that one does not own.

Online trading is a severe activity that should be understood as a profession and not a way to quickly earn a lot of money without risk and without knowing anything about it. Apart from that, it is true that online trading is accessible to all those who are ready to work hard and get involved 100% in this activity where the psychological is a daily challenge.

Best Trading Online For Beginners

How does Online Trading work?

Trading online for beginners South Africa and others always have a curiosity about how online trading works. Today, finance has nothing more comparable to this era. Once reserved for professionals in the sector, the world of stocks, quotations, and other leveraged derivatives is now close at hand. Everyone (or almost) is invited to embark on the adventure of online trading. However, this universe remains extremely risky and is aimed at a particular type of profile.

To trade online, you don’t have to be a professional. However, trading online beginners from South Africa and any other country predict that they need to be professional traders. Online trading is growing actively with individuals.  Online trading allows everyone to embark on online trading in the hope of earning additional income from this activity. You can, therefore, consider this activity as a professional as well as an individual. A Trading Plan makes it possible to establish a routine and to acquire good habits from the first trades.

So, those who are interested in trading online for beginners South Africa, and even from any other country, to start investing online, just open a trading account with an online broker. During this first step, however, be sure to choose a severe financial intermediary to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Best Trading Online For Beginners South Africa

For information, if it is a real online trading account, several verification documents will be requested during this step, and your identity will be verified. These security measures are a guarantee of seriousness on the part of your broker. Once your account is approved and your money deposited, you can invest in the financial products offered by your online trading platform.

To open your first position online, all you have to do is select the financial product that interests you and then determine the direction (purchase or sale) and the amount of your investment. You can also set a price target called take profit, or a loss limit called a stop loss. If prices move in your favor between opening and closing your position, you will gain. Conversely, if prices move against you, you will register a loss. Brokerage fees will also be charged by your broker when you trade with real money. To make the right decisions, traders generally use four methods of analysis: fundamental analysis, graphical analysis, technical analysis, and behavioral analysis.

Different Kinds Of Trading

It is necessary for the trading online beginners from any other country or South Africa to understand well about the different kinds of trading. When as a novice online traders, you will understand the basic concept of different types of trading, it will be convenient for you to step into the world of online trading. However, trading online for dummies is also a better medium where you can practice to sharpen your skill and knowledge.


Scalping or micro trading is a stock market technique that consists of making back and forth on the stock market regularly to buy and sell to take advantage of price variations. Scalping is a speedy type of stock market transaction; the orders and positions received on the market are resold or redeemed after only a few seconds or minutes. The most common examples of scalping are scalping on futures and CFDs.

Day Trading

Day trading is characterized by taking positions and then reselling financial assets before the end of the session.  Day trading is most often carried out in high volatility markets. The principle of Day trading is similar to Scalping, which is a very short duration day trading, a few seconds or minutes.

Momentum Trading

The Momentum Trading is a famous indicator of technical analysis. It is an oscillator. It allows us to measure the speed of price evolution for a given period.

Swing Trading

Swing trading is a method of trading that identifies the most likely price movement in the short term and then tries to exploit it for profit. The positions are taken in swing trading generally last from a few days to a few weeks. It is a medium-term trading strategy focused on making low profits as consistently as possible.

Position Trading

A position is a manifestation of an investment in the markets, or exposure, held by a trader. It is a financial term to designate an order that is currently likely to generate gains or losses (open position) or that has been closed (closed position). Gains and losses are realized at the close of a position.

Trading Vs. Investing

Trading online beginners may become confused between the terms-trading and investing.We have already mentioned the definition of trading and investing. Though both terms are used in the business world, the purposes are different from each other. However, both traders and investors perform business with the main hope of earning.

So, trading online for beginners from South Africa and other countries, It is necessary to understand the time horizon and the type of analysis to understand the main differences between trading and investing:

The Time Horizon

A trader looks at the short term, whereas an investor looks at the long-term benefit.

The Type Of Analysis

A trader analyzes the evolution of price curves. On the contrary, an investor analyzes the company behind the action.

Trading Online For Beginners

Best Online Stock Brokers For Beginners

  • Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab is very promising and popular due to having marvelous research tools.


The most fantastic part of this broker is that there is no minimum deposit required to open an account. It’s easy to navigate. Besides, this broker indeed is the best due to being very convenient, yet the best web-based platform.

  • Fidelity

Are you looking for an excellent education and research platform for the stock exchange business? Then this broker platform is the best selection for you.

  • Robinhood

If you are looking for a convenient platform to perform your stock business, the Robinhood broker is there, which you can use easily without any further tools.

  • TD Ameritrade

Everything you will get in this platform from massive data to a user-friendly website. Besides, there are many learning tools for beginners. It is indeed the best overall for beginners. This online stock broker is also famous in South Africa online trading.

Trading Online For Beginners South Africa

Online Trading Strategy For Beginners

Developing an independent trading strategy involves defining a course of action to follow during all of your trades.So, trading online for beginners South Africa and others, it must be consistent with its investor profile, personality, and trading preferences. Trading online for dummies is also a better approach.

Beginner, intermediate or experienced, whether you are swing, scalping, or day trader, you must define your own method to become a real and good trader. Let’s analyze the best online trading strategy for beginners:

Day Trading

Day trading is very popular with Forex traders since it does not require specialized knowledge or expertise. Its principle involves performing a large number of small operations in one day and close all positions before the end of the session. This investment strategy is, therefore, profitable.

For an effective Day Trading strategy, it is essential to use significant leverage: this requires knowing how to cut your losses at the right time so that the total gains exceed that of the damages. Thus, it is necessary to take its profits to less than 2 or 3 percent of maximum benefit, and especially to cut its losses before reaching 10%.

The Carry Trade

This method is reserved for a more experienced public, informed because it is a little more complicated.It consists of using the difference in the interest rates of the currencies between them to carry out a profitable operation, without taking account of market developments.

You have to buy a currency with a low-interest rate and then resell it against a coin with a higher interest rate. Before getting started, it is therefore essential to identify currencies with high and low-interest rates. The spread practiced by the broker is also to be monitored so that it does not gobble up all the gains.


This trading technique consists of partially or fully covering the risk of price variations on a product. With a 100% hedged position, the risk is zero, but it is impossible to make gains. It is practiced on all types of markets (stock market, Forex, commodities) as well as on different kinds of products.

If in doubt about future movements, do not expose your capital to market risk. This method can also allow you to profit from changes in the opposite direction of your initial trade.

Swing Trading

It is another investment method, ideal for trading online for beginners. However, swing trading does not require specific knowledge or in-depth analysis. It is indeed simple. It requires having identified the most marked and secure trends on the market beforehand. Then, it involves taking a stand in the direction of this trend, and this as quickly as possible. The positions must be closed when the pattern starts to weaken.

The Pyramid

It is a strategy that consists of maximizing its gains by strengthening its position, as long as the market proves you right.

A stop motion protects the gains as the movement progresses. It is then a question of opening an additional position at each break of the last highest / lowest. We move after the protective stop of all open positions, under the previous most moderate (in an uptrend), or above the last highest (in a downtrend).

Forex Scalping

Very close to Day Trading, the Forex Scalping strategy based on the same general functioning to carry out concise operations, in the direction of the trend, taking numerous but minimal gains. Here, the amount of investment must be sufficient to ensure its profits. And here, too, you must use significant leverage, and therefore act prudently, in particular, by cutting your gains at the right time.

Countertrend Trading

As its name suggests, this trading refers to taking positions opposite to the trend of an asset. Most often, it involves capturing correction movements. Rarely, you can take advantage of a trend reversal, and then you can achieve a large part of the change.

Simple Trading With Obliques

The ultra-simple trading strategy, trading with obliques, does not require any technical knowledge. It is a mix between non aggressive Scalping and aggressive Swing Trading. It merely involves tracing short-term bullish and bearish obliques, then trading oblique breaks to enter or exit the position. Stops are usually placed above the latest, higher, or lower. If the last highest or lowest are too far away, the stop can be brought closer.

One Trade Per Day Per Product

It is a method based on the fact of imposing yourself to make only one trade per day per product that makes a lot of sense. This method is suitable for traders who do Swing Trading or Day Trading, not for those practicing Scalping.

Trading On Economic Announcements

The latest trading strategy discussed today attracts many traders. When an economic announcement is made, market volatility increases. The longer the financial news is expected (essential decisions), the higher the volatility.This trading model is not for novice traders, but for those who are a little more experienced.

The most important advice is not to change the way you trade according to the announcement. It is necessary to remain objective and to base your investment decisions on technical signals and not on market sentiment.

Trading Online For Dummies

You can also perform trading online for dummies. Just keep in mind that you need to deal with market orders, which involve telling your broker to sell your shares at the best price or to purchase at the current rate. There is another term also that is a limit order where you will inform your broker the rate you are expecting to take if you are selling. Or the price you will pay if you are planning to buy it. Stop market orders means in trading online for dummies that you will set a price limit. The broker will buy or sell for you if the share rate comes to your setup rate. On the other hand, there is a reverse system called a stop-limit order.


We believe that this article will be beneficial for all who are interested in online trading. Yes, we think that this article will present ample, yet most vivid information for trading online for beginners. Trading online for beginners South Africa and all will be beneficial with our effort since we are trying to deliver you all the required information and guidance related to online trade.

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